Friday, March 13, 2009

Beautiful new ledger papers!

I bought these beautiful vintage ledger pages from a fellow Etsy seller, Arteology! Her shop is a wonderful treasure trove... These pages are all from the late 1800's, and have such beautiful handwriting, what has happened to that kind of penmanship?
Click on the post title if you'd like to visit her shop!


Phyllis said...

It's proud Mom here. I'm glad you made the right decision but hope you had some fun in Grade 7 - the good clean kind of course.

Michele said...

Andrea, that is such a sweet story. It sounds like you really had your head screwed on right even in the 7th grade. Not too many people can say that---I know I can't! :-) (I wasn't a jr. high slut, I was just very confused.)

And that video takes me back to those days, too! So funny. Jeez, did you notice how tight his jeans are? I guess that's one of the reasons all the girls loved Journey... :-p