Friday, July 17, 2009


I was on a hike the other day when I came across this adorable little worm just hanging out on the railing. I was seriously considering having a pet worm for a minute there... how cute is he?
I used to have a pet string named Jimmy when I was a kid. He was basically a thick piece of string with a knot tied at the end which was his head. I loved him and played with him in the bathtub, but one day he went down the drain and Jimmy was no more. It didn't occur to me to just make another Jimmy, I guess he was irreplaceable. RIP Jimmy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farmers Market Finds and a hosed down Henry

We have a lovely little farmers market just a couple of blocks from the apartment every Saturday morning, and it's just getting better and better! I bought these beautiful orange beets just because they're beautiful, I don't even like to eat beets! I will try cooking them though and see if I like them. I love the greens, so that's half of it anyways! The yellow things are called Lemon Cucumber. They are so fresh and clean and delicious! Unlike any regular cuke I've ever tasted. The Easter Egg Radishes are also so lovely and tasty. Crisp and peppery, a must in any salad! It was so hot that day that I gave the boy a good spray down with the hose. He loves it!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Have your cake...

and eat it too! Or, should I say pie! Lemon Meringue to be precise. We've had our fill of cake at my nephews birthday, so we decided it may be unconventional, but why not have a lemon meringue birthday pie! It is to die for. Home made by my mom. What could be better?
The bottom picture was the Sat. night pre-birthday celebration. Warren bought a couple of beautiful crabs and we had quite the feast! I think I consumed my full years quota of butter in one sitting, but so worth it.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Car Free Vancouver

It was Car Free Vancouver a couple of weeks ago, and was it ever cool! 4 streets in 4 different neighborhoods shut down to car traffic for the day, so we decided the most colourful would definitely be on Commercial Drive. There were drum circles, a roller rink, food kiosks, a music stage, a healing garden and all sorts of street performance artists. For those not in the know, Commercial Drive used to be Vancouver's "Little Italy", and it still has that flavour, but it's also kind of the bohemian/hippie district with a neighborhood of all types, from yuppies to hippies. My parents almost bought a house there in the 1970's, but chose West Vancouver instead (which is Commercial Drives polar opposite!) I would have been a lot cooler if I grew up near The Drive I think! Oh, not that I'm not cool... hee hee.