Saturday, June 16, 2007

But can you make me look like Gisele?

Last night I had a few of my friends and family over for a night of make up! One of my employee's is a make up artist, and this is something she does as a side... make up lessons. She also does weddings, graduations and special occasion make up.
I don't wear very much make up in general, but I've always wanted to have my make up done professionally. I told her to go crazy, do whatever she wanted... so she gave me an evening smoky eye look.
Check out her website...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

SAINTS Animal Rescue

This is an organization that gives me a renewed faith in human beings. SAINTS is an end-of-life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals that have nowhere else to go. How anyone could abandon a member of their family when they need them most is beyond me, but that's what a place like this is so needed!
Since they've opened in December of 2004, SAINTS has had over a hundred and fifty animals come in through it's doors. Forty-nine of them have been adopted into wonderful loving homes. Forty-two have passed away in loving care at SAINTS and the remaining 65 still call SAINTS their home.
I'm so glad there are pople like this in the world.