Monday, March 09, 2009

Bad Dog and it's %&*$ snowing in March!

So yesterday I went out to get a few groceries. I came home and didn't put the plywood back over where our gate used to be (it fell off from the cold during the great freeze of Xmas 2008)and was boiling hot from the walk up the hill, so I left the door open. Big. Mistake.

I put the groceries on the counter, then noticed the floor needed sweeping so I went to get the broom. I had cooked some chicken before I went out and was putting it in a bowl to put in the fridge when I thought "Henry might like a little treat", so I went to call him and *nothing*.

I looked in the bathroom. Nothing. I looked in the bedroom. Nothing. Holy crap, I'm starting to panic now. Started yelling for him to come and get a treat. Nothing. Then I ran outside and saw the gate and went shrieking his name down the path to the street. People must have thought I was nutso.

There he was, standing in the middle of the sidewalk where he normally goes to do his business (he goes on the grass, not the sidewalk silly!)just staring at me. I was so mad, and so relieved. I was shaking for 1/2 an hour after that!

The thing is, I've never thought he would take off like that, it's quite bizarre! I'm thinking it was the broom that set him off. He's scared of it, but I thought he'd gotten better, the poor little freak! I'm so glad he's OK, but I'm still a little mad at him. Hello, he wouldn't last very long out there in the SNOW! In March! Spring??? Where are you???


Chaton said...

lol...he may be bad, but when you're that cute, you really don't have to be good ;)

HanamiGallery said...

hehe. cute! my cats are always making a break for it when the door opens. i worry less about the trouble they get into and more about a person hitting them with their car. im glad hes okay!

Andrea said...

Yeah Hanami, thats what I was worried about... he has no car sense!
And Chaton... thank you! We think he's pretty durn cute!