Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keeping on the scary theme...

I bought this scary little armless porcelain doll from an Australian Etsy seller. Don't ask me what I'm going to do with it, it's just waiting for a shadowbox project fo some sort. The reason I bought it was that it reminded me of my childhood doll, Baby Ron, only Baby Ron had arms. He didn't have fingers or toes though, I apparently chewed them off when I was teething. THAT certainly wouldn't be allowed today, I could have choked and died!!!!!!! Ah, gotta love the 1970's. I also gouged his eyes out with a pen when I got a little older, so suffice it to say, he looks at freaky and scary as this doll now. I'll post a pic of him one day, I still have him boxed away somewhere.
If you want to see the Etsy shop where I bought the doll, click on the post title.

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HanamiGallery said...

funny story about chewing the toes and fingers off your doll! haha if that happened now you would surely be a millionaire from a lawsuit! hah. my mom got mad at me once when i was little for pulling the arms and legs off one of my dolls. hah.