Saturday, February 07, 2009

Henry at the Vet

Here we are picking up Henry from his traumatic visit to the vets. He was so groggy when we picked him, so not his usual peppy self. He was so sad that he didn't go near his ball or frisbee when we got home,which is unusual for him, so you know he was really not feeling well! He now has a gap tooth smile in the front, and a missing tooth in the back. He's feeling MUCH better now though, and is eating well and is back at wanting to just play play play! Our vet says that he's probably been in a bit of pain in the past couple of months, so he'll probably have a bit more spring in his step when it's all healed. I told him that this dog needs no more spring in his step than he already has... as it is my parents call him Gerald McBoing Boing! (a Dr. Seus cartoon character from the 70's)
I'm just glad he's back to normal, and we WILL be brushing his teeth from now on! I don't even want to say how much this little endeavor cost us! He's worth every penny though...


Michele said...

OMG, what a cute picture---of both of you! Poor Henry, though. Isn't it terrible to think of our pets having pain? I'm glad he's feeling better and is back to his normal self. Can't wait for a pic of his new, gap-tooth smile. :-)

Gerald McBoing Boing. LOL

Andrea said...

He looks a little frantic in this picture. he was panting so bad and really stressed out! He IS the cutest though, I know! He's so much happier now. The sun is out today so we're off to walk the seawall and go to the dog park! yay!