Monday, July 21, 2008

Hike to St. Marks

Went for a fabulous hike yesterday. The snow is finally melting from the top peaks, and we're able to get into the back country. We hiked into an area I hiked 5 years ago, and I actually meant to take a different route this time to Strachan Mountain, but somehow ended up at St. Marks viewpoint. I guess I'll have to try again in a couple of weeks for Strachan. Apparently that's where you get the great viws of the Lions (top left). It was a pretty good climb, my first good hike of the year! We went fully loaded with bear spray and an air horn... the air horn scared the crap out of me, so I think it would send Yogi running. I'm going to really try to get out a lot this summer. The weather was so crappy last year there wasn't a lot of point in hiking hours to see a socked in, overcast view. As you can see, the weather could not have been better!


Michele said...

OMG, what magnificent country! You mean there's a better view of those mountains? Can't wait to see those photos (no pressure...). Don't like the sound of bear spray and air horns, though. :-( Did Henry come on this hike?

Andrea said...

My bad.. I meant the view on the top left, the little twin peaks sticking up over the mountain? Those are some serious climbing mountains that are pretty darn impressive when you get up close... some crazy people climb to the very top, and every year some amateur dies or almost dies trying... not me, I value my 2 feet on the ground!
Henry didn't come, too much for his little legs!