Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fraser Valley Fishing Lodge

Had a fabulous weekend away at the Fraser Valley Fishing Lodge. We didn't actually partake in any fishing, just relaxing, but next time I might be inclined to learn a little fly fishing. The weather was gorgeous, and we had a great time
exploring the area. Harrison Hot Springs is just down the road, so we went and had a great lunch and strolled the lakefront artisan booths, as it was the Harrison Festival of the Arts that weekend. This is farm country, and there is produce, cheese makers, hazlenut farms and this area is known primarily for their corn... it is the best! Unfortunately we were just a little too early for the corn, but we get it fresh in the city as we're only 2 hours away. The lodge had bison roaming in the filed right across from our patio. They were quite friendly for bison, and there were eight 2 week old calves that 1 male spawned... I guess he knows what he's doing!


P.S. Original said...

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Michele said...

Hi Andrea! These pictures are gorgeous, especially because it's gray and rainy over here on my side of the planet. :-) You look so pretty and relaxed. Perhaps the Coronas helped? ;-)