Friday, July 17, 2009


I was on a hike the other day when I came across this adorable little worm just hanging out on the railing. I was seriously considering having a pet worm for a minute there... how cute is he?
I used to have a pet string named Jimmy when I was a kid. He was basically a thick piece of string with a knot tied at the end which was his head. I loved him and played with him in the bathtub, but one day he went down the drain and Jimmy was no more. It didn't occur to me to just make another Jimmy, I guess he was irreplaceable. RIP Jimmy!


Phyllis said...

Not only was he irreplaceable but he was the cheapest toy ever....much like M.E.M.'s cardboard box. Boy I was a frugal Mom.

Michele said...

Your photos of the worm are wonderful! That is definitely the cutest worm I've ever seen. Look at that little face!

LOL over your story of Jimmy. And at your Mom's comment. :-)

Hsiaoshuang said...

Can you crop your pic and show a closeup of the worm (caterpillar?). Thanks.