Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy busy!

Wow! I haven't posted in a while! I guess I've been busy dong summer-y stuff and frankly, hot and unmotivated. We're having a very hot sticky summer here in Van this year. I like it hot, but not humid. We've had a bit of a reprieve this past couple of weeks, but the hot is coming back next week for round two. Oh how I wish I had AC!Here are a couple of things that I'm a bit sad about...


I loved them both... I was going to write about Michael Jacksons death weeks ago but I was so sick to death of it all by the media junk that I just let it rest. I loved Michael Jackson from the time I was a little girl. The Jackson Five concert at BC Place was the very first show I'd ever been to. I was 11, and I went with my mom and two sisters. It was great. I got a baseball style shirt with baby blue sleeves and the Jackson Five on the front. Loved it, wish I still had it! Thriller was one of those albums that truly was the soundtrack to my teen years. Prince and George Michael are another couple that spring to mind, but Thriller was the best. The dancing, the white glove, the red coat! He was so cool back then, and so cute! It's a shame how it all ended up, but he was obviously an unhappy camper.

John Hughes was another icon who I think wrote the best teen movies ever. Period. Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, even Uncle Buck! I loved Uncle Buck, but I think that was because of my love of John Candy, who also died too young. The teen movies of today won't have the staying power that these films had. It's a shame he stopped making movies, but he was one of those guys that had his priorities straight. He had obviously made a gazillion dollars over the years, so he decided to get away from the crappy Hollywood life to raise his family. He stood up to say that he thought the beast that is Hollywood killed his friend John Candy and he couldn't be part of that machine any longer. Hopefully his movies will be seen by teens in the years to come and achieve the "classic" status they deserve.

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