Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Eagles in the City

I love this city. I ask you... where else in North America can you be downtown, look up, and see a Bald Eagle soaring through the air? They are such majestic creatures. Every few years we'll go up to Brackendale for the eagle count. It's in early January when the eagles are in their greatest numbers at the local rivers, gorging on the spawning salmon. Brackendale also has a great little art gallery and tea house that's worth the trip. The food is awesome, and they sometimes have a live eagle in the house (usually an injured one waiting to be rehabilitated)
Click on the post title to look at their website!

***I'll also add that I didn't take these pictures, I found them on google images. If you are the photographer, please take it as a compliment that I liked them the best to be on my blog!


Michele said...

Wow, those pictures are so beautiful, Andrea! (I know you didn't take them, but you did choose them and post them.) I've only seen eagles twice in my life... First time on a drive from Vancouver, BC, to Seattle; we spotted them just before crossing the US border---I was amazed at their beauty. The second time was on a boat off the Norwegian island of Lofoten; those were white-tailed eagles, which are similar to bald eagles. Again, amazing. I'd love to visit Brackendale sometime.

Hey, so you saw eagles this week and I saw moose last week! We're so down with nature, man. :-)

Andrea said...

Michele, it's incredible... I'm seeing eagles almost every day! I live on the North Shore, which is close to the mountains where I'm assuming they nest???
I usually catch a sighting every few weeks, but they're out in full force right now!
I loved you moose story... they're also majestic creatures, goofy, but majestic!

emmarie Designs said...

My beau wants to move us to Vancouver for grad school. This makes me more willing to go. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

If you don't mind the rain, Vancouver is a great place to live! Great restaurants, great outdoors and it rarely snows! Except for this year... it was a bad winter...