Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Sweet Hereafter

I swear, this is becoming the year Andrea reads every book that's been made into a movie... I realized that a few weeks ago, and I think it's because of my book source (The Salvation Army thrift store). For the most part, the books I see in there are Oprah Book Club books, Maeve Binchy, Steven King, John Grisham etc. Popular authors and books that warrant being read only once then tossed. Obviously if a book has then become a film, it's going to become a more popular book, hence my reading only books that became films. Next maybe I'll tackle some lighter fare, say Danielle Steele? Hee hee!
So, The Sweet Hereafter. I saw the movie first a few years ago. As mentioned in my previous post, I LOVE Atom Egoyan, and really enjoyed the movie when I saw it a few years ago. As for the book, it was good, but didn't really grip me. I liked the format, as it told the story from 4 different points of view. The school bus driver, the lawyer, the girl in the wheelchair and the father of 2 of the children who were killed. The basic story is a school bus slides off the road on a snowy day and many of the small towns children are killed. The story really is how the town deals with the loss, and who is to blame.
In this case, I think I liked the movie better again... Atom Egoyan, that's two for two!

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