Saturday, August 16, 2008

Henry's Nemesis - Part Deux

This is one ballsy feline... The other night I took Henry out to do his business and I left the patio door open. When I returned I shut the door and saw that I had a voicemail so I sat down on the couch to listen to it. I heard a scuffling toenail noise over by the kitchen island and looked over and saw that Henry was chasing a fast moving ball of black fur. The funny thing was I was so startled by the cat that I started yelling into the phone, "I have to go, the cat's in the apartment!" forgetting that I was only listening to a message from my Mom, and not actually talking to her... Duh!

Yes, the cat took it's opportunity and made a move. What it was thinking, I do not know... Suffice it to say, she wasn't really scared of Henry, and Henry simply didn't know what to do with the cat. He was chasing it, but he didn't attack it... I picked her up, and she slumoed down on my lap immediately and started to purr. The most relaxed ball of jelly cat ever... no tension in it's body at all! Henry was NOT happy about that, and was pacing around the apartment growling and making a fuss.

I also now know with 100% certainty that I am very allergic to cats... snif... I've been pining for a cat again, but I had such a reaction to this cat! I got hives all over my chin, a red, runny eye and had to blow my nose 4 times in 5 minutes. Oh well, better to find out now than after I bring a new kitten home.


Michele said...

OMG, you cheated on Henry! With a CAT! ;-) Perhaps I'm guilty as well, because even though I feel sorry for Henry, I find myself falling in love with that brave, snuggly cat. Henry's really got some competition here. You better post some ridiculously cute pictures of him soon. :-)

BTW, I really like your hair in that photo. Great color and style. You look fabulous, girl!

Andrea said...

Thanks! This is the newest take on the haircut... it's a work in progress!
I have a certain fondness for this cat too... if only it didn't give me hives!