Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mopey Dog

Here is Henry on the weekend moping outside, because there was a fly in the apartment. He's terrified of them for some reason. We put him on doggy Prozak to try and help him with his irrational fear, but it didn't help. He's OK outside, but if one comes in the apartment, he just freaks. If anyone has any experience with such a starnge affliction, let me know!


Michele said...

I kind of don't blame Henry for being afraid of flies---the noise they make flying around and banging against windows and ceilings drives me nuts. Maybe it's the noise that bothers him? Poor boy. :-( My young cat loves flies because she likes to hunt and eat them. She will eat them alive. It's disgusting. Maybe you and Henry need a cat? :-)

Nora said...

Aw, poor Henry. He's so cute!

* Amanda * said...

No suggestions for Henry - but he is super cute. Love the black and white photo at the top of your blog!