Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stanley Park

How lucky are we that we have such a magnificent park right off of Vancouver's downtown. On a sunny day, it is just heavenly. It was really windy this day though, so it was a bit chilly, but we found a sheltered spot and had a lovely Smokie slathered in fried onions for lunch. With mustard... lots of mustard.


Michele said...

Great pictures, Andrea! I've actually been to Stanley Park, many, many years ago...was it the late 90s? I can't remember when but I remember thinking how fantastic is would be to live so close to such a beautiful park. You're living my dream! :-)

Andrea said...

Thanks! I used to live one block away from the Park, oh how I loved it! Now I'm across the bridge about 20 min. drive away... I live closer to the mountains now though, so its a fair trade off!