Monday, April 14, 2008

Maplewood Farm

I went to Maplewood Farm with my Mom and nephew "J" last week... There were about a dozen baby lambs that had just been born in the previous week. Too much cuteness! All J cared about was feeding the rabbits the carrots he brought. That was going fine until some little girls brought in some dandelions that they MUCH preferred. Who knew? He insisted on trying to force feed these poor bunnies, but they weren't having any of it.
I had to take the pics of the goats because I've always wanted a pet goat. I also used to want a pet seal and dolphin after watching Salty the Sealion and Flipper as a kid, but that's another story!


bunnygirl said...

How sweet! I just love critter pics!

Michele said...

Hi Andrea! Ahhh, that is some major cuteness going on. Those bunnies look a little can one get fat on a diet of carrots and dandelions? :-)

Hey, I want a pet goat, too! I've heard they make excellent "lawn mowers."