Friday, November 03, 2006

Magnum PI (or is it DI?)

Here is Henny Boy on Halloween. He was either a Lost castmate, or Magnum PI...we're not sure which...
He had a pretty rough few days. He is really scared of the fireworks, firecrackers etc. Trembling, quaking, shaking, so sad. We just had take out from the new Memphis Blues BBQ, so he's in his happy place again.

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Michele said...

Aahh, I'm sorry Henry had a bad Halloween. My Rufus used to be traumatized on this day, too. And the 4th of July. This loud world is tough for sensitive dog ears. I'm glad the BBQ cheered him up.

I vote for Magnum. Henry even has that humble, I'm-only-dangerous-to-bad-guys thing going on. Great shirt, man.