Friday, October 27, 2006


Warren took this picture of a Grouse at a house he was inspecting in the British Properties. They aren't the smartest birds in the world. Warren started making the noise they make (sort of a throaty Whoomp whoomp) and the dumb bird must have thought he was the weirdest looking Grouse making the mating call, and came close enough for Warren to take this photo.

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Michele said...

Great photo. I'm afraid if I saw this bird I would think it was a strange pigeon because I don't know enough about bird breeds. I'm trying to learn more, though, because I see so many new birds in Norway and am curious about them. I found some good websites and am starting a bit of research. Now that it's getting cold here, I've started putting bread out so I can get a closer look at the birds that hang out in my garden. I would love to get a photo one half as good as this one.

Take care!