Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Farmers Market Finds and a hosed down Henry

We have a lovely little farmers market just a couple of blocks from the apartment every Saturday morning, and it's just getting better and better! I bought these beautiful orange beets just because they're beautiful, I don't even like to eat beets! I will try cooking them though and see if I like them. I love the greens, so that's half of it anyways! The yellow things are called Lemon Cucumber. They are so fresh and clean and delicious! Unlike any regular cuke I've ever tasted. The Easter Egg Radishes are also so lovely and tasty. Crisp and peppery, a must in any salad! It was so hot that day that I gave the boy a good spray down with the hose. He loves it!


Phyllis said...

I think I need someone to hose me down this summer - it could be a whole new service for women at that age when they have the "Vapours" Your veg are beautiful!!!!! Eat your beets!!!!

Michele said...

I'm now craving a salad. :-) Great pics, especially of Henry!

p.s. How were the beets?