Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Place to Bark

If I was independently wealthy, I would be throwing money at this wonderful shelter. Bernie Berlin is an artist and animal lover. She's been running the shelter since 2001, and she takes in numerous dogs and cats from other shelters and puppies rescued from puppy mills. She is a true inspiration, and I wish there were more people like her in the world!
Check out her website, it's linked to the right at "A Place to Bark".
This photo is one I grabbed from her Facebook photos. It's a litter she has recently rescued probably from a puppy mill. The caption below was "Spay and neuter your pets!"
Really, why wouldn't you? You can buy those neuticles now if you're worried your dog (or husband) might develop an insecurity about the lack of balls, right?

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Michele said...

Oh, that picture breaks my heart. I also will never, ever understand why more people don't spay/neuter their pets. Yes, it costs money, but if someone can't afford to do that, he/she should probably re-think adopting a pet. The poor animals suffer for our stupidty. :-(