Wednesday, May 06, 2009

La Connor

We went to the tulip festival in La Connor, Washington last weekend. It's such a lovely spot, and the tulips were just beautiful! Overwhelming colour that made my heart sing!
The first field we found was a joint called "Tulip Town." There was a big parking lot with free parking, but $5 each to get in? Plus, there was this poster on the way in so we were so out of there... I don't need any propoganda with my tulips, thank you very much! We drove down the street for a while and found a free field to wander through, and no religious message to be seen, yay!
We had lunch in La Connor, which is a lovely little seaside town, then Trader Joe's for groceries. I didn't know you can bring groceries over the border and not have to pay duties! Trader Joe's is amazing. The prices, the quality of the products... I'm going to start working a trip in every couple of months... even with our dollar being a bit down, still worth it!


Michele said...

Wow! I never knew Washington was tulip country. You live in (and around) a beautiful place, Andrea.

I'm with you on not needing to read a spiritual(religious?) message in a place like that. With all of that natural beauty, is that really necessary?

Oh, how I miss TJs!! It was one of my favorite stores in San Francisco. Did you hit the chocolate aisle? Hmmm, chocolate.

Andrea said...

I'm going to explore Washington a lot more in the next few months... it's right there, and we don't take advantage of it! Now that I'll be making monthly trips to Trader Joes. You must miss that Michele! I didn't get any chocolate this time around... but I did buy a chicken that I'm going to try and roast. Oh, and the spicy Thai cashews, to DIE for!