Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Black Sheep Yarns

This is my most recent Etsy purchase from Black Sheep Yarns. Now, I've had some things come to me from Etsy sellers that is packaged beautifully, but this one topped them all! It felt like it was my birthday! And the papers were even better than I expected. Thank you Black Sheep, I'll definitely be buying from you again!
If YOU want to check out the shop, it's here...

These beautiful old ledger pages are from 1897, and are just gorgeous! If you look at my collage below you'll see how I use them. The old yellowed book pages were just a bonus! Thanks, I LOVE them!

This collage doesn't use the actual ledger papers I bought, but a very similar one from France. I'll be putting Black Sheep's into the mix very soon!

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