Sunday, September 28, 2008


I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Probably a mild case, but I've really noticed in the past few years that I have WAY more energy in the summer, and am generally a happier person... the ironic thing is, I LOVE Fall! I love the changing season, the leaves falling from the trees, sipping hot chocolate by a roaring fire. That's why I think it might be the lessening of the daylight that's affecting me. I SHOULD be full of energy and life right now!
I've been kind of in the dumps this past 2 weeks. No reason, nothing is different. I'm just irritable, low energy and want to hermit. My mantra is "Shake it off!" I try to not let my feelings and negative energy simmer and dwell within me. It sometimes works, but if this is in fact a SAD problem, maybe it's not that simple!
If anyone has any experience with those light boxes and their affectiveness, let me know!
Thankfully it's sunny today, so I managed to get our into the sunshine for a little while this afternoon to soak it up!

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