Sunday, June 22, 2008

Chip's Not Dead Yet

On Friday night we went and did a fun run in Kitsilano for BC Childrens Hospital... the Lululemon man Chip Wilson matched everyone's $25.00 registration fee dollar for dollar, so that's a good chunk going to a very good cause. People had a great time dressing up and rocking out! We were walking with Team Journey, who is the daughter of a customer of ours who has unfortunately had to use BC Childrens Hospital a few times in past years.


Michele said...

Great pictures, Andrea. I love those cheeky shorts. :-) And hey, wow! Congratulations on your jewelry being included in the MTV Award gift bags. That's fantastic. I'll start examining all photos of David Beckham much more closely from now on, just looking for your jewelry of course. ;-)

Karma by Morgan said...

looks like a really successful event...and I love lululemon!

Rascallion said...

Have I mentioned that I miss Vancouver? Looks like a fun day and yes, what cheeky shorts those are indeed!

I also wanted to say I LOVE your cards in the post below. They are fabulous.

kateinvoke said...

Hi Andrea, great post! Chip's Not Dead Yet 2009 is around the corner, and we wanted to get you up to speed on what’s happening for the event because, well, we’re excited.

The second annual Chip's Not Dead Yet Memorial Mile is scheduled to take place on June 20, 2009. Once again, all proceeds will go to the BC Children's Hospital.

You remember the bridesmaids, rockstars and underwear runner from last year? This time, Chip's Not Dead Yet wants Vancouver to come up with its own idea for a theme wave. We're holding a video contest—best theme wave idea wins. Pull your camera out, get a group of family or friends together and make it happen! Submit your video to before March 2nd, 2009. Participants are eligible to win $1000, or a monthly prize pack.

Registration opens in February 2009. Urge your readers to get involved.