Thursday, March 13, 2008

A leisurely Wednesday off...

I'm lucky. I get Wednesdays off now, and I LOVE it! It's my day to do whatever I want to... I can take the boy for a walk, make some art, or do this. Nothing. Sometimes that is my favourite thing to do. And Henry is always happy to oblige and keep me company. My dirty little secret is that I've been watching The Young and the Restless for 20 years. It used to be on at 5, so I could catch it when I got home from work. They changed it a few years ago, so now its on at 3, so I never, ever watch it anymore. Except on Wednesdays. Really, as with most soaps, you really only need to watch it once a week, and you'll still be in the loop. I'm not proud that I watch this... its just been a part of my life for so long, I'll probably never kick the habit. And that's OK! I'll just have to do more Sudoku puzzles to make up for it.

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