Monday, July 02, 2007

The Kootney's

This is a slideshow of our recent road trip through the Kootney's. Such a beautiful province we live in!


Michele said...

Hi Andrea! What beautiful, beautiful pictures!

The one of you and the moose is my favorite.

I've never seen a hotel/motel/lodge that had bunk beds---no way!

Your husband is a hottie! ;-)

The bride's dress is lovely.

This has to be a record on your blog for the most pictures in a single post that didn't include Henry. That's just wrong, Andrea. :-)

And, finally, how did you post the slideshow? That is very, very cool.

Andrea said...

Henry didn't come on this trip! Otherwise you know he would have been in every shot! The lodge didn't allow dogs... oh well, their loss!
Warren is trying to figure out what he did to make the slideshow, he somehow forgot! I'll let you know when it comes back to him!
It was a really fun trip! Back to reality here... sigh