Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Meaning of Contentment

We were at the dog park today, and an elderly man said to me, "Wow, you can really see the joy on that dog's face." THAT DOG would be THIS dog. And it's true. I say that to Warren almost every time we're at the DP (we've had to start calling it that, "dog park" provokes much whining!)
That's what I love about dogs. they truly do live in the moment. We could all take a lesson from that!

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Michele said...

You are so right, Andrea---dogs are all about what's happening right now, and that is a great and wonderful thing. Sometimes I feel sorry for my cats because I know they pick up on my stress and it infects their experience. I wish I could be more calm and not worry so much about yesterday or tomorrow. You know, act more like an animal! :-)

I do think about food a lot, which is something I always had in common with my Rufus when he was alive...

Now, how did you get Henry to stick his head through that log? ;-)