Friday, March 30, 2007

Mountain Boy

And people think little dogs can't do what big dogs do... This is Henry last summer on top of Hollyburn Mountain. He gets the funniest looks from the big dog people when we're hiking. He loves it, and he must go 3 times the distance we do, because he runs ahead, then runs back and looks at us like, "hurry up slowpokes!". I try to keep him fairly close though, becasue we are in bear (and cougar!) country, and he'd make a nice, light snack I'm sure.


Michele said...

LOL, Andrea. Henry does look a little impatient there... :-) Beautiful pictures, just beautiful. They make me want to go hiking.

And I love, love, love Warren's photos of the dogs in your last post. So adorable. Ian and I aren't going to get a dog for at least another year, since we're not sure if we're going to stay in Norway, move to England, or go back to the U.S., but the emotions I have when I see these pics makes me realize I must get dogs back into my life somehow. Our new house will have a big garden and a basement, so I think I'll try my hand at dogsitting.

But please know there will always be a place for Henry if the three of you decide to visit Norway! :-)

Andrea said...

Thanks! Henry has many relatives in your close neighbour Finland... there seems to be a lot of Silky breeders there!
Dogs add so much to your life! And they ask for so little, really. Well, except to throw his pink ball a million times a day...