Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The true meaning of Christmas

W and I helped out my sister's friends' family on Christmas Eve give out cookies to the homeless on the Vancouver East Side. She had decided to show her kids that there are always people worse off than yourself, and I think they saw that in no uncertain terms. The kids were so excited. They were running up to everyone (no matter how scary they looked!) and wishing them a Merry Christmas, and handing them a bag. The people seemed so genuinely touched and maybe felt just a little better for a brief moment. Vancouver is a city that has both the wealthiest, and the poorest postal codes in the country. We happened to grow up in the wealthiest (back before it was as wealthy as it is now!) and the poorest is situated on the downtown eastside, Main and Hastings being the worst area. It was pouring rain that day, but we managed to give out about 130 bags in 1/2 an hour. Without a doubt I'll do it again next year.

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Michele said...

Andrea, what a wonderful thing to do at Christmas time! I wish I had taken the time to do something similar when I lived in San Francisco. Your sister's friend sounds like good mom---something I appreciate very much! :-) Very inspiring post.